For anyone who has ever stopped in to ask John's help on a  technical question, one soon learns that under the expertise also lies a true natural adventurous person. In the office, you are greeted by a array of adventure photos, most of them: John on his annual motorcycle dirt bike trips!

What you also find immediatly is a genuine helpful person who's quick to offer reasonable solutions to todays increasingly  complicated automobiles. John and his team work hard and play hard too, which is why they can relate to people who want their cars, and trucks to run strong so their vehicle keeps up with anything life happens to throw at them day in and day out. Not to mention valuable, with the steep pricing of newer vehichles today, it makes more sense now than ever to secure your auto investiment by rountine maintenance, precise care, and intelligent up keep to preserve your vehicles condition and extend its life , so you won't need a new car every four years. 

"We hope you will come in and see what we have to offer, we enjoy our relationship with this community, and hope that our true passion for all things automotive comes through in not just our words but in the cars we service and the for the people who rely on us every day to keep them on the road confidently, securely and at a fair price! " -Owner, John Shaw